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Calypso Harland

April 8, 2024

FinFest, A New Guide to the Best of Fintech During London Tech Week Launches Today

FinFest, spotlights essential fintech events to help journalists, scaling fintechs, financial institutions and investment firms plan ahead for the busy schedule of London Tech Week, June 10-14. Curated by Calypso Harland, it partners with London & Partners, Fintech Fringe, Fintech Week London, and Fintech Awards London, promoting UK fintech innovation.


LONDON, UK, April 8th, 9:00am BST FinFest, is the go-to-guide that showcases essential fintech events during London Tech Week, fostering innovation and collaboration within the UK fintech ecosystem. With the number of meetups and conferences around the London Tech Week reaching fever pitch, FinFest is here to curate, elevate and promote the best Fintech events of the week. 


This selective programme is aimed at showcasing the UK fintech event ecosystem and promoting its innovation, FinFest enables your organisation to design your perfect London Tech Week schedule. Whether you are interested in the latest game-changing technologies, scaling strategies for growing fintechs, insights on attracting investment all whilst providing ample networking opportunities. 


FinFest has already partnered with several high-profile organisations, including London & Partners, Fintech Fringe, Fintech Week London, Fintech Awards London and others. With this kind of support, the festival is well-positioned to promote and assert the UK as a leading global fintech hub.


With more events lined up to join FinFest, the invitation is now open for other fintech event organisers to join the growing roster.

The UK’s profile as the largest financial hub in Europe means the quality of fintechs in this ecosystem is fantastic. We have seen a number of major fintech events emerge across Europe over the last decade, and believe there’s an incredible opportunity to bring the industry together which builds on the existing buzz and excitement of London Tech Week, the UK’s most important tech event”
“To make this work, it was essential that we brought together one of the largest supporters of fintech scaleup initiatives - in London and Partners, to ensure fintechs from both the UK and abroad have the support they need to scale.”

London’s robust financial sector, coupled with its rich talent pool in the tech industry, sets the stage for fintech innovation in the capital and across the UK and the world. FinFest celebrates precisely this and we are excited to support this great initiative as part of London Tech Week this year!”

"This week will offer everyone in the finance industry a plethora of opportunities to participate in events and network with the vibrant fintech community,"

"Combining forces with major players will provide attendees with unprecedented access to events and networking opportunities and provides a clear overview of the key activities that you definitely will not want to miss during the week."

Just as the Fintech Awards London spotlights emerging and successful fintech organisations, FinFest shines a light on the best events during this extraordinary week. In the bustling UK fintech landscape, standing out can be a challenge. By partnering with FinFest, we pave the way for scale ups and international delegations to discover what makes this country the best place to scale and grow.”

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