A little snapshot of what we do



Calypso Harland, Founder
Everything we do at Fintech Fringe is designed to support fintechs with scale and growth. We run events to connect people in-person and a platform called Forum to provide year-round engagement. 

We launched in June 2023 with a new festival programme during London Tech Week focused on scale and growth of fintechs in the UK.  

It was a huge success and paved the way for a regular events programme and a second edition at London Tech Week 2025.

There are lots of fantastic events in the fintech industry, many focusing on technology and solutions. Our point of difference is focusing on scale and growth and delivering content that is function-led. By being role-specific, we hope we can support leaders accelerate not only an on individual level but subsequently drive impact across the organisation, fueling growth and market expansion.  

Fintech Fringe Forum, our new online platform, delivers that always-on connection so that members can organically connect with peers and experts in a non-commercial setting to access the support and advice they need.

Collaboration is in our DNA. Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute in some way.


As well as our flagship event during London Tech Week 2024, we run a monthly event series called Rise & Shine which is sponsored by Rise, created by Barclays and focuses on delivering scaling insights for fintech leaders. 


Our Mastermind series is a new series of hour-long deep-dive sessions led by practitioners into a specific topic. We plan to hold this virtually on Forum every Friday morning from 10-11. Why not run a session? 


Fintech Fringe Forum is a new platform dedicated to supporting fintechs scale and grow by providing a place to connect with market-proven experts and peers, to share practical insights and find out what support is available.


We partner with myforte to deliver access to verified experts who have proven experience of delivering impact and results with other fintechs.  Find out who you could parachute in to support your growth. 


Join our Engage programme and we will make sure your companies are set up for success as they consider the UK as their next market.

The Engage programme is designed for overseas fintechs who want to gain all the essential insights about expanding into the UK. Starting with a virtual programme on our platform Fintech Fringe Forum, we can curate a market visit where companies are provided great opportunities to connect with customers, investors and experts who can support their next move.

Let’s discuss how we can support your plans for a successful trade mission.