Interested In Getting Your Brand In Front Of Fintechs?

Fintech Fringe is the biggest gathering of fintechs taking place during London Tech Week. We offer branding and thought leadership opportunities across our programme of events and through our platform Fintech Fringe Forum. Our sponsorship packages are focused on providing year-round engagement so the conversation doesn’t fall off a cliff once the event is over.

fintech fringe festival SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

Platinum Sponsorship is designed for unrivaled brand visibility and interaction. This package offers comprehensive exposure across all events, through our website, paid media, and extensive marketing campaigns. Platinum sponsors will enjoy a speaking slot for a senior leader, ten festival passes with all-access privileges, and direct engagement with the attendee list. Exclusive benefits include a feature interview on our Mastermind show, a dedicated article, complimentary Forum membership for 2024, and active promotion of your events and reports.

Enhance your market presence with our Gold Sponsorship, providing extensive branding across our events and digital platforms. Gold sponsors benefit from a speaking opportunity for a senior leader, five all-access festival passes, and a dedicated email blast to attendees. This package also includes a feature in our post-event newsletter, complimentary Forum membership for 2024, and the advantage of direct promotion through our owned channels, ensuring your brand resonates within the fintech community

Maximize category-specific exposure with our Silver Sponsorship. This exclusive offering promotes one company per industry category, ensuring targeted visibility. Silver sponsors will enjoy an interview on our Mastermind show, the opportunity to moderate discussions on our channels, and the privilege to be an exclusive content partner in our knowledge base. Your reports will be actively promoted on our platform, enhancing your influence and reach within the fintech sector

Join us as a Supporting Partner in exchange for agreed exposure to fintechs in your network. This partnership offers excellent branding across all our events and a 25% discount for your ecosystem. It’s an ideal way to enhance visibility while fostering mutual growth



This event will bring together scaling experts and fintechs to explore potential collaboration. It’s hosted by myforte, an expert network to support fintechs scale and grow. We’d welcome a branded presence at the event, and can provide a speaking opportunity at the beginning of the event and a physical presence at the Evening Networking drinks with your team. There will also be post-event opportunities for engagement.


Connect with your audience in a relaxed, entertaining setting as a sponsor of our Comedy Night. This package includes branding across event communications, an opportunity for a senior leader to address the audience, and tickets to the show. You’ll also be featured in our post-event newsletter and receive a free forum membership for 2024. It’s a perfect mix of fun and networking, ensuring your brand is part of a memorable night


Take center stage at the FinFest exclusive industry party. With multiple event levels and private bars, there are many customisable options for hosting your guests. This high-profile event offers unique networking opportunities, extensive brand exposure through our website, social channels, and more, positioning your brand at the forefront of the fintech community.


growth partner

Enhance your event visibility as a Growth Partner. This package ensures all your events are featured on our event calendar and in our weekly newsletter. We offer direct messaging to our members about your events up to four times a year, an interview on our Mastermind show, hosting of your content in our knowledge base, and active engagement on product development, making it an excellent opportunity for sustained growth and exposure

mastermind series

Present your expertise on our Mastermind show, where you can deliver a masterclass on a specialist topic to a dedicated audience. Choose from an interview format or a presentation, ensuring your content is impartial with clear, practical takeaways. Each session is actively promoted across our social channels and in our newsletter, offering significant visibility and engagement

exclusive category

Lead your field with our Exclusive Category Sponsorship. This premier package guarantees that we will promote only your company within a selected category. Enjoy dual interviews on our Mastermind show, act as moderators on discussion channels, and become an exclusive content partner in our knowledge base. We actively promote your reports on our platform, ensuring your insights command attention and respect.

supplier directory

Boost your company’s visibility and discoverability with our Supplier Directory Listing, tailored for providers supporting fintech growth and scalability. This directory positions your firm prominently among fintech companies actively seeking your services. Listing includes enhanced profile visibility, SEO optimization for better online reach, direct lead generation opportunities, and the ability to share expert content. 



Headline our flagship Rise & Shine Series, an outstanding opportunity for consistent engagement throughout the year. This sponsorship ensures your brand is featured prominently in all event communications, title slides, and our post-event newsletter. With access to attendee lists and the ability to plan content ahead, sponsors can maximize impact. The package includes live broadcasts on Zoom, recordings hosted on our platform, and eight events per year, averaging 70 attendees each