a Programme to support overseas Fintechs



The Explorer package enables overseas fintechs to get up to speed on the UK market and understand the nuances of expanding their business without travelling to London Tech Week.

This package provides:

  • Access to our Masterclass programme which has 20 self-paced learning course modules delivered by best-in-class experts to support your scaling.
  • Access to our Live Streams with the experts who have delivered the course modules. These will be recorded so you can listen to them at a time that suits if you can’t make it.
  • Access to our chat room where you can ask questions
  • Access to Fintech Fringe’s trusted expert and partner network.
  • Access to Forum, our platform to connect fintechs with experts and support to assist with your expansion. Membership will expire Dec 31, 2024.

The Voyager package is for fintechs attending London Tech Week and includes a full market briefing plus a supported market visit. 

This package provides all the Explorer benefits as well as:

  • Exclusive Access to our Digital Readiness Assessment to determine your fintech’s eligibility to engage with financial institutions and large enterprises. This also provides visibility into competitor capabilities and enables you to track your companies performance against peer organisations.
  • 1-2-1 Follow-up to discuss your capability scoring and a course of action if needed. 
  • Personalised report with recommendations and targeted feedback about your company’s capabilities and proposition.
  • A festival pass to attend Fintech Fringe June 10-13 where you can attend the full conference programme as well as the customer matchmaking event.
  • You will also be able to apply to pitch at the Showcase and Fundraising event. If selected you will further benefit from pitch coaching to prepare. 

The Pioneer is the ultimate package if your company is serious about doing business in the UK and if you are planning to attend London Tech Week. 

This package provides all the Explorer+ Voyager benefits as well as:

  • Up to five 1-hour mentoring sessions with an expert/s of your choice from our team to support your market-entry objectives.
  • 5 x customer introductions that match with your target prospects.
  • A dedicated expert to support your market visit and facilitate introductions.


An annual licence to the Finbridge Global platform which enables:

  • Your LEI code (globally recognised international identifier & verification)
  • Your company’s products and services to be seen by Financial Institutions and Enterprise Customers
  • Your company to connect with Financial Institutions and trusted partners
  • Your company to be selected to apply for RFIs / RFQs where your company’s products and services are a match.

COST: £750 + Booking Fee

COST: £3,000 + Booking Fee

COST: £5,000 + Booking Fee