JUNE 11: Supercharging Sales

TUE / JUNE 11 / 9:30AM - 12.30PM

Join us on Day 2 of Fintech Fringe Festival which is designed for high-growth fintech scaleups looking for insights on how to build traction and engage with fintech buyers. This conference will bring together fintech founders, customers, and experts together to share knowledge, network, and collaborate. As a fintech scaleup, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to learn from the best.

How to Pivot Products to supercharge sales - Panel

  • The fintech industry has gone from “fintechs eating the banks, to fintechs collaborating with the banks, to fintechs becoming banks, to fintechs building the banks for them’’ where will it end?
  • Case studies on successful product pivots in fintech
  • How the ability to pivot quickly is a competitive advantage in the fintech sector.
  • Examples of fintechs that have successfully pivoted their strategy or product in response to external challenges or market opportunities.
  • Techniques for maintaining customer trust and engagement during transitions.
  • How to communicate changes effectively to ensure customer buy-in.

Matt Wlliamson

SVP & Industry Principal

Adam Moulson


David McHenry

Head of Product Advisory & Implementation
HSBC Innovation Banking

Growth VS Profitability? How to supercharge Sales in a safe way

  • Analysing the trade-offs between rapid growth and long-term profitability
  • Implementing sustainable growth strategies in fintech
  • Risk management techniques for scaling fintech operations
  • Find the right balance between winning sales at any costs and proving out / protecting your business model

Beata lubinska

Allica Bank

Ecosystems and Marketplaces: B2B Scaling Strategies

  • Best practices for engaging with large tech ecosystems and marketplaces
  • Building and maintaining robust B2B relationships with the Tech Giants
  • Navigating competition and collaboration within tech giant ecosystems

Danny Keating

Senior Director Business Development
JD Consulting

Himal Makwana


Maeve Heneghan

FinTech Business Development EMEA
Amazon Web Services

Common Pitfalls That Derail Fintech B2B Sales Success

  • Climb out of recurrent pitfalls and challenges that can derail your sales success.
  • This session will explore these common pitfalls, offering insights, strategies, and solutions to overcome them.
  • Attendees will learn from leading experts in fintech sales, engage in interactive discussions, and leave with actionable strategies to enhance their sales processes.

Barbara Gottardi

Co-Founder and CEO
Finbridge Global