june 12: Product & tech

WED / JUNE 12 / 9AM - 12.30PM

Join us on Day 3 of Fintech Fringe Festival where we will cut through the tech jargon to provide you with the best systems, platforms and programs to use to help your organisation scale. ⁤⁤From SaaS solutions to cloud-based platforms, discover how these technologies serve as the backbone for growth and efficiency in the fintech landscape.

Progress and Patents: Innovating Tech, Teams & Product at Scale

  • Andrew McKibben to share insights on what elements are needed to develop an innovative culture and tech creation mindset, both to create breakthrough solutions and foster positive tech partnerships 
  • The bank’s collaborative and mentoring relationships with fintechs.
  • Lessons learned and how they have played a role in the bank’s approach to innovation and technology development.
  • Discuss how having a strong portfolio of patents can give a financial institution and fintech scale ups a competitive edge in the market.

Andrew McKibben

Head of International Technology and Operations
Bank of America

Stability and resilience: How your tech won't let you down as you scale up

  • Identify common technological and operational challenges fintechs and banks face as they grow or embrace emerging tech
  • Strategic technology planning
  • Explore the potential risks of rapid scaling, such as system outages and performance bottlenecks.
  • Building a scalable Tech Infrastructure
  • Discuss the essential components of a scalable and resilient tech infrastructure.
  • Talk about the role of cloud technologies, low code – no code systems, and scalable databases in ensuring that tech platforms can handle growth without downtime or loss of service quality.

lee provost


Tamsin Powell


Jake Figg

Head of Product

Speed vs. Security: Tools for Fighting Fraudsters

  • Advances in fraud detection and prevention technologies
  • Balancing user experience with stringent security measures
  • The future of secure, high-speed payment systems

Priya Gulani

Earth ID

Juspal Manic

President of EMEA

Adapting to the New User: What actually makes a great fintech product

  • A decisive look into what makes a good digital product?
  • Adapting fintech products to meet the needs of a changing, demanding customer base
  • Trends in consumer behaviour and expectations in digital finance
  • Strategies for engaging with digital-native customers
  • A critical look at the tech foundation and understanding why from a tech point of view some fintechs are not taking top spot in comparison to other global players.
  • Understand product/tech quality and how this has factored into a fintech’s proposition and ability to scale.

Daniel Greiller


Essential Payment Technologies For Fintechs and FIs

  • A decisive look into Payment Ecosystems: What are the dominant technologies and platforms currently?
  • How are they evolving?
  • Challenges in Adoption: What are the main barriers to adopting new payment technologies for established FIs and emerging fintechs?