THU / JUNE 13 / 9:30 AM - 12.30PM

Join us on Day 4 of the Fintech Fringe Festival to understand the UK fundraising landscape and who are the fintech focused VCs. You’ll learn what investors are looking for and how to increase your chances of securing a healthy investment round to fuel your next phase of growth.

Navigating The Nuances: Venture Capital and Alternative Investment

  • Trends and challenges in the UK’s venture capital and lending environment
  • Opportunities for fintechs in leveraging alternative investment platforms
  • Adapting to shifts in investor sentiment and financing structures



Sean Duffy

Managing Director, UK & Europe
CIBC Innovation Banking

Strategic Investors x Fintech: Positives, Pitfalls, and Partnership

  • This session will provide an insider’s view on what characteristics and behaviours strategic investors look for in Founders and Management teams pre- and post-signing.
  • Dani and Emma from LBG’s Fintech Investment Team will share their experiences around what skillsets, traits, and actions they have observed help make both the investment process and subsequent ongoing relationship as simple and successful as possible

Emma Ronayne

Fintech Investment

Danielle Raymond


Angels Among Us: Creating Credibility, Navigating the Early Stage Landscape

  • Building credibility and trust with potential investors
  • Strategies for successful angel investor engagement
  • Overcoming challenges in the early stages of fintech development

Matt BIRd

Co Founder & CEO

Rugile Gurrieri

Managing Director, Head of Risk

Keith Grose

NED & Startup Advisor
Zero Hash

Prepping to Impress: Sealing Deals with Corporate Investment Firms

  • Effective preparation for pitch meetings with corporate investors
  • Strategies for standing out in competitive investment rounds
  • Negotiating terms and securing commitments from corporate venture arms

Kayode Odeleye

Founder & CEO

Michael Sim

Fidelity International Strategic Ventures

Aligning with Advocates, Sponsors, and Ideal Matches

  • Guidelines on how to pinpoint and approach potential financial backers who align with a fintech’s mission and goals, including venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate sponsors.
  • Building Strong Relationships with Stakeholders: Strategies for cultivating long-lasting relationships with advocates and sponsors, emphasizing the importance of trust, transparency, and mutual benefits.
  • Effective Pitching Techniques: Tips and techniques for crafting compelling pitches that resonate with potential investors and sponsors, including key financial metrics, business model advantages, and growth potential.
  • Leveraging Networking and Industry Events: Insight into maximizing opportunities at fintech industry events, conferences, and networking meetings to connect with potential backers and form strategic partnerships.
  • Success Stories and Lessons Learned: Sharing success stories from fintech startups that have successfully secured funding through strategic alignments, including key tactics, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

Vivienne Hsu

Anabasis Partners